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Confidential Counselling
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Fees & FAQs


Counselling Fees (Per Hourly Session)

£30.00 - Lynn Colter-Howard

£35.00 - Jayne Andrews


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book an appointment for counselling?  Please see our "contact us"  section and contact one of our counsellors or click on the following email link:

What will be covered in my first session?  During our first session we will agree a contract for working and agree any goals you may wish to work towards.  Your first session will last no longer than one and a half hours (ninety minutes) in order to ensure that important information/our contract is covered and you receive a one hour counselling session (sixty minutes) The fee for this will be £30.00/£35.00.

How many sessions will I need?  This is dependent on what issues you are bringing and your individual needs.  It is impossible to say as this varies from person to person, for some, a one off session is all that is necessary to reach an important decision, however in most cases of therapy, a longer counselling relationship is necessary.  Progress reviews will take place on a regular basis, and in accordance with BACP guidelines, your therapist will ensure that you do not attend sessions for any longer than is beneficial to you. 

If you wish to continue with further sessions, the cost for subsequent sessions will be £30.00/£35.00 per hourly session.  The fee for your next session is due on booking your appointment.

Is the service confidential?   Yes, the content of the sessions is completely confidential in accordance with the BACP ethical framework.  The only exceptions to this will be in extreme circumstances where serious harm to yourself or a third party is indicated.  This will be explained fully to you during your first session.

What can be dealt with through counselling?  Any difficulties or personal challenges you may be facing in your personal or working life.  We can help with issues such as relationship difficulties, family problems, obesity, abuse, domestic violence, addiction, eating disorders, stress, anxiety, bereavement, self-harm, low self-esteem, anger management, depression, sexuality, self-confidence, phobias, personal development, divorce, seperation.

When & where will sessions take place?  We can offer a choice of venue dependent on what time of day you wish to be seen.  We can offer both daytime and evening appointments to suit your individual needs.  Sessions will usually be weekly on the same day, however we can offer some flexibility with this.

How can I confirm the counsellor's qualifications? All our therapists will be happy to discuss their training and qualifications with you and provide evidence upon request.  Counsellors who are members of professional organisations (BACP, ISPC, CCC) will have provided proof of their training and qualifictions on registration.  Our counsellors undertake monthly casework supervision in line with BACP requirements to ensure client's emotional wellbeing and efficacy of working. 

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